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Zara’s Founder Amancio Ortega Has Beaten Bill Gates To Become Richest Person


Everybody knows the fashion brand Zara but hardly do people know about its founder Amancio Ortega. Rightly put, the man is a ghost to social media. What’s so special about him? Well, the 80-year-old man has just surpassed Bill Gates, the living god of dollars, to become the richest man on Earth. Mr. Ortega became the richest man on this planet past Wednesday when Zara shares went up by 2.5 percent. With 59.3 percent stake in Zara, Ortega now sits smiling on a pile of $79.5 dollars.


Mr. Gates isn’t far away either. With $78.5 Billion in the bank, he doesn’t really care about being on the second spot for a couple of weeks. Zara is now officially the world’s biggest fashion retailer and Orgeta is soon to transfer power into the hands of his daughter, Marta.

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