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World’s Largest Aircraft Crashes as it Attempts to Take to the Sky for the 2nd Instance


World’s largest aircraft named Airlander crashed during its second test flight. The vast ship – nicknamed “The Flying Bum” because of its energetic, round back – crashed as it landed at its base at Cardington Airfield in the morning, at the end of its second effort to fly. After Airlander crashed, “All crew is safe and well with no injuries” said ship’s maker.


Airlander can carry a ten tonne payload and is supposed to stay in the air for up to five days. The company hopes to be building ten of them per year by 2021. The makers hope that it can be sold for a variety of uses – including surveillance,communications and deliveries. The aircraft was originally designed for U.S. military surveillance. But the project was grounded in 2013 because of defense spending cuts.

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