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Wipro- To Hire 150 Sales Staff In the U.S


Well! At Bangalore, Wipro confirmed some interesting news that they would hire 150 front sales staff in the United States.

Over the next 3-5 months, Wipro will have hired fresher as well as skilled sales experts to build up its team in the cities of the United States. The Bangalore based company decision is to quickly expand their team of sales and represents the fresh and new level of commitment in the United States. Predominantly, for Wipro, its ability to increase market shares in the United States will be crucial to chief executive TK Kurien’s plans for gaining growth momentum. So far, Indians have been dominant in front-line sales, where salaries are lucrative.

Pradeep Mukherji, the president and managing collaborate at Avasant, a Los Angeles – based technology advisory firm said, “It helps when your front-end sales guy can talk about baseball, NBA and show some cultural closeness, and then comes the political angle. Indian companies have to show they are job creators in America.”

Wipro wants to regain reputation in the market back with full momentum. They look to improve its growth rate after under-performing India’s IT services industry for nearly two years.

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