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Union Minister Piyush Goyal Invites US Businesses To Invest in India


Piyush Goyal the Union Minister spoke at the US-India Business Council investment round table conference in Washington DC, yesterday that the Government is launching a framework for private sectors investing USD 250 billion opportunities for business owners.

Goyal urged the US business owners to invest in India which is a large and dynamic inspirational market for upwardly mobile people. It supports the transfer of technology within management which would be beneficial for both of the nations. Also, he discuss about the country’s previous year accelerating growth, revived the investments, regarding new business launchings in India and in result of all these how the financial inclusion empowered in citizens towards industry. He mainly urged US business council to invest in India for different private sectors for coal mining and production in the country. It will lead to an investment of USD 250 Billion and moving towards the ultimate target of 24X7 electricity for all by 2019.

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