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Undeniably Attractive Cameron’s Leather Clad Bum

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz, Kate Upton, and Leslie Mann attended the UK premiere of their film “The other woman” as a triple date. Cameron was looking best in her skintight pencil black-leather dress; Upton was dressed up perfectly in a prom dress and Mann was looking pretty in her perfect geometrically printed white dress. Three of them were looking their best but Cameron Diaz’s leather clad bum looks so good! Mann was quite taken with her leather dress, couldn’t help but squeeze her bum!

She might have thought that no one will be able to notice this act, while they were posing for a group photograph in that event! But, Hey Cameron and Leslie you got caught by those photographing you from your backside! I think Leslie was taking note of Cameron’s recent confession in which she accepted, “Women find each other attractive at one point in their lives.”

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