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UK Election Results: Conservatives and David Cameron Returns To Power Again


Prime Minister David Cameron and his Conservative Party are set to govern Britain for another five years. The party won a surprisingly solid victory in the election held on Thursday, with partial results and projections showing that the party will at a minimum close to win by majority in Parliament. The party had won 329 seats with the absolute majority in the 650-member House of Commons.

The vote was a noteworthy disappointment for the Labour Party and its leader, Ed Miliband, who was expecting complete ejection of Mr. Cameron from Downing Street overnight. Another big disaster is for Nick Clegg and his centrist Liberal Democrats who have been the junior partner in a coalition with the conservatives. The results are raising questions whether Mr. Miliband and Mr. Clegg might have to resign as leaders of their parties.

Well, Congratulations Mr David Cameron for victory in Britisn elections.

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