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UK collaboration to promote nuclear careers

nuclear collaboration

Three nuclear skills-related organizations – the Nuclear Institute (NI), National Skills Academy Nuclear (NSAN) and the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) – have collaborated with each other to promote careers in the UK’s nuclear energy industry. The three partners have signed an agreement in their efforts to persuade people to choose careers in the nuclear industry.

In a joint statement, they said there is a “pressing need to raise awareness of the wide range of career opportunities across the nuclear fuel cycle from apprentices to postgraduate level.” Also, Nuclear Decommissioning Authority CEO John Clarke sated, “The highest standards of nuclear professionalism are required to ensure a safe and secure nuclear future – new build, existing operations, research and development, and decommissioning – for the UK.”

This move will hopefully help the industry get newer talents and brains that could in its future development.

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