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Twilight’s Paul, Actor Alex Meraz Joins Suicide Squad


It seems like Twilight meets DC Universe as Alex Meraz join ‘Suicide Squad’.

The 30 years old actor has seized a role in the upcoming movie and has joined the cast of Warner Bros. and DC’s Suicide Squad. However, Meraz’s role in still unknown.

Fondly remembered as Paul from the Twilight series who was a shape-shifter who bursts into a wolf form and tries to attack Bella as soon as she gets to know about his pack.

He’s also been seen in TV shows including a stint on CSI:NY and also was seen in Mel Gibson directed adventure flick, ‘Apocalypto’.

But apart from these, he’s a celebrated martial artist.

So who will Alex Meraz play? Well, he might just end up playing one of DC’s iconic villains. But as for now, we’ll just have to wait to see the Suicide Squad that will hit the theaters on 5 August 2016.

Long Time ehh!

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