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The Ultimate Guide to Choose the Best Sunnies for Yourself!


The summers are here and we definitely need to protect our eyes in the most stylish way possible! Now, to begin with it; you need to first analyze your face shape. Is it Round, Oval, Heart or Square? Just like the Olsen twins, you can rock your round-shaped face with square shaped shades that give you an edge to flaunt every single time. Oval shaped faces are perfect for cat-eye designs that mark the latest trends in sunglasses fashion.

Heart-shaped faces, our favourite! These can flatter the aviators with ease. The ‘Angelina Jolie’ face-cut is always the enviable one. And finally we have the square-shaped faces. You guessed it right! Round frames are the ones that go ah-mazingly with square faces. Also, if your face pretty much looks good in all of these, then you are just the one to go for over-sized sunnies which are a hit this season!

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