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The 12 Key Attributes of a Project Manager

Project Manager

More than the experience and educational qualifications, there is a list of twelve essential qualities that a project lead must possess which include:

1) Presenting a clear picture in the minds of the team members.

2) Setting up the level of enthusiasm and passion to achieve the vision.

3) Delegating the work and not getting involved in each and every minute detail.

4) Communicate well in a comprehensive manner.

5) Be able to think creatively.

6) Keep your mind cool, calm and collected.

7) Know your team and their skill in different aspects and be able to utilise it.

8) Always think wisely and make decisions with a calm head.

9) Employ all the technological advancements.

10)Have a congenial approach to ensure that the team works together proficiently.

11)Compromise where necessary.

12)Always think about the future prospects and the bigger picture.

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