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Teen Safety and Education Week

Teen Education

Teen safety and education is one of the major responsibilities of Security organizations across the world. On 22nd of April 2014, Teen Safety and Education week will start and most of them will go on the mission to enlighten the lamp of knowledge in the minds of teens and guide them ways to secure themselves. On this occasion Antony Picente, the Oneida Country Executive shared that they are going to organize various teen safety events and education programs that will help students to explore the world prior the world of prom!
Continuing his conversation, he explained how the teen security and their awareness make difference to their country and future. As the issues are increasingly reported regarding underage crimes and attacks, it is vital to direct them the right way and make them aware of things in which they often get trapped into. A big hand to all of them who are planning to involve kids, to keep them safe and aware!

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