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Sudden and Unexpected!

Peaches Geldof

7th April, 2014: On a Monday afternoon, an ambulance was called at 1.35 PM to confirm the death of Peaches Geldof as reported by the BBC. The 25 year old, second daughter of Irish musician Bob Geldof, was married to Tom Cohen and was a happy mother of two beautiful kids. 12 hours before her death, the star had posted an image of her childhood along with her mother, Paula Yates, who had died when Peaches was 11 due to drug overdose. While the family is still struggling with the news and are beyond pain, the official reports have named her death as unexplained and sudden. The star had earlier admitted on a TV show that she had experimented with drugs, but was not never too wild to develop an addiction. We pray that she finds peace.

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