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Stevie Nicks Continues Without Caring About Her Severe Injuries


Singer Stevie Nicks is now struggling with severe painful injuries during a tour with Fleetwood Mac.

Even suffering from painful injuries, she is currently spearheading her band’s “On With The Show Tour” which is set to hit the United Kingdom on June 8 when they are going to play the Genting Arena are in Birmingham, England. They will also present their passion and love for entertainment on June 14 due to the headline Britain Isle of Wight festival.

This Arizona singer had revealed out with a bone spur which grow on bone joints as tiny bumps due to wearing the ballerina platform shoes on stage every night. In 2013, she suffered a left knee injury and sometimes, she aggravated while performing on the stage due to this.

She says “I have a bone spur in my toe from wearing my ballerina platform shoes on stage every night. And I had a fall in 2013 where I really hurt my left knee. Somehow a couple of weeks ago I re-injured it. I think I stepped down a little too hard on it on stage.”

She says she will refuse the surgery in case she needs. She will replace her shoes. In addition to this she adds, “I have to find new boots. Steel-toe capped boots that do not touch the toe. If anything is lying on that bone spur it’s going to make it bigger and I’m going to have surgery. And I am not having somebody cut my toe open. There’s just no way!”

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