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Some Amazing Visuals of India from Space


We have seen a number of incredible pics from India. But have you wondered how it looks from Space?

NASA astronaut Terry W Virts who has been on Space since December 2014 as commander of Expedition 43 has captured some amazing visuals of India from Space.

For the past week, Virts has been flying over India, he has chronicled his journey through some stunning images and videos on his Twitter Page. Here are some!


Lots of colors in Western India, here is Mumbai and Ahmedabad , with Delhi in the far distance.
(Image Courtesy : Twitter @AstroTerry )


India from space

Bright City Lights from Chennai, India.


The Himalayan peaks


Where Pakistan meets India  – Karachi

Photos from Space India

 Where Moonlit clouds over southeast India coastline, with Chennai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad.

Moonlit Clouds from Space India

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