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SEO Myths

SEO through Magnifying Glass. Internet Concept.

Over that past several years, a number of misconceptions have emerged about “how the search engines operate”.

Real Story behind the Myths!

Meta Tags

Once upon a time, Meta tags were an important part of the SEO process. You would include the keywords you wanted your site to rank for and when users typed in those terms, the page could come up in a query. This process was quickly spammed to death and eventually dropped by all major engines as an important ranking signal. However.SEO is not all about Meta tags!

Keyword Stuffing and Density

A persistently SEO myth revolves around the concept that keyword density- This is a mathematical formula that divides the number of words on a page by the number of instances of a given keyword.
Many SEO tools still feed on the perception that keyword density is an important metric. It is not. Ignore it and use keywords intelligently and with usability in mind.
The value from an extra 10 instances of your keyword on the page is far less than earning one good editorial link from a source that doesn’t think you’re a search spammer.

Be cautions and do not apply the strategies and techniques you are ensure or skeptical of- or you find yourself in a very rough spot.

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