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SEO: Basics and Beyond

Search Engine Optimization

For every company, there are five basic strategies that need to be followed, in order to get your company noticed online. These basic tips can lead you to be a top followed company in your field.

Step #1 is to Get Quality Links: Create a number of back-links with quality content on various top websites and social networks.

Step #2 is Google Authorship: Create Google accounts for all your authors.

Step #3 is the Setting up of an Officially Recognized URL: One canonical URL is a must.

Step #4 is the Use of Tags and Display of Scheme: HTML tags represent the idea that the website is based on.

Step #5 is to have an Interactive and Responsive Design: A webpage that is compatible to all the display sizes is a plus point.

Apart from the above mentioned steps, long-tail keywords must be used as per the searches created by various users.

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