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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Has A Problem, Could Be Recalled Globally


Samsung is expected to make the announcement in less than a week. The Korean smartphone maker is preparing to recall Galaxy Note 7 amid reports of the device’s battery exploding while charging. Yonhap cited anonymous sources from the company who told the news agency that “products installed with problematic battery accounts for less that 0.1 per cent of the volume sold”. The company, however, wants to make sure that its smartphone units are safe to use and thus the total recall.


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was launched globally on August 2. A report in The Korea Herald says that 4 lakh units of the Galaxy Note 7 have been sold in Korea alone. It points out that explosions have only been reported on smartphone units with ITM battery pack. Also, Samsung will reportedly change battery in all of its Galaxy Note 7 units for free.

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