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Rutherford – British Record Holder after Jumping #8.51m


Greg Rutherford has broken the previous British long jump record by covering 8.51 meters in Chula Vista, San Diego. The Olympic champion, who previously almost reached Chris Tomlinson’s record of about 8.35m last year right before the London games and then shattered that by performing at his best on Thursday. Before breaking the record, Rutherford fouled two jumps by registering leap of 8.18 meters.

After this record-breaking leap, 27-years-old Rutherford shared his happiness and stated that his legs are shaking and it is been hard for him to believe, Hid did that! Now he is back to have the preparation sessions for the Glasgow Common Wealth Games, which are going to be held on July 23rd this year. Well, it was a perfect comeback for him after recovering from his hamstring injury hit in 2013 gaming season.

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