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Rumer Willis after Winning “Dancing With the Stars” Plans TO Be a Pop Star!!


After Winning “DWTS”, People have their eyes on Rumer Willis. She seemed to build a bright future ahead her. It is clear that she will utilize her success in “DWTS” and turn it into a big music career. She was an actress since 26 and a singer before renowned as a participant in “DWTS”, Now she is the current Champ of “Dancing with the Stars”. Now she got an opportunity to relaunch her singing career by using this popular platform.


Big Singing Opportunities Waiting for Rumer Willis

Rumer is now on her dream track where she is now able to make her dreams come true. The show turned out more favorable than she ever imagined. She will launch her album as soon as with lots of edgy ballads. Now she is towards her dream career and she knows how to achieve her goals with this big platform. Her main goal is to achieve and maintain success in her music career which would not be an overnight success. Now before launching the album, she has a big list of fans. Most of her fans are waiting for this day and will become the first to buy the album.

There is no magic behind this success; she is working hard for her music career since last 8 years. She is enormously talented with a strong, oppressive voice. She sings by feeling the words and performs the best of her. She has the capability to pull off any song and wants to take over the audio devices with her strong and catchy voice. Just wait and watch for her upcoming album.

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