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Pretty and Prep with Makeup Tips


Hola beauties! Check out for these simple, easy and effective make-up tips and see a new you.

  • Curl your lashes before applying mascara: Instead of curling your lashes after applying makeup, start doing it prior. Squeeze the lashes thrice and then apply mascara starting from the roots and going to the top. Your eye lashes will be curled all day long.


  • Apply eye shadow before putting on your make-up: When applying eye shadow after makeup, you must have noticed it falling on your face. So girls, start putting your eye shadow before applying foundation and just in case it falls on your face, you can wipe it off easily.


  • Don’t apply a concealer: It’s such a tragedy when at the last moment your concealer doesn’t match the foundation. So what you can do is, throw away that concealer and use foundation instead. All you need to do is dab a bit on your finger and pat it on the blemishes. You’re done.


Look beautiful and ravishing in your next party!

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