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Is Google Planning To Restrict Passing Search Queries On PPC Platforms?


Have you heard of something like – Google is planning to stop passing the search query information on the Pay Per Click strategies because it has more than sufficient clicks over organic search results? Are you concluding it as the end of all of the paid search management platforms in the world? Well according to Marin Software, a leading PPC platform across the world, everything will continue working smoothly. Why any of the Google restriction will not be able to affect the PPC world negatively, let us take a look over that :

– Keyword and the search engine query data are completely different things. If Google restricts passing the complete phrase of referrer’s information on PPC, this will affect the search engine queries not the keywords!

– As the paid PPC software platforms are interlinked to the keyword data, there would not be any disruption in their commanding capabilities.

Moreover, there is a probability that PPC advertisers can still access the search-engine query data that is related to the clicks and transformations in Adwords collectively.

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