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Finally, World’s Modern Jukebox Called Gramofon to Rule Them All!


The world’s largest Wi-Fi network has launched its newest WI-Fi- music gadget called “Gramofon”, a modern jukebox that torrent cloud music to your system.
Garmofon is a new technology in gadgets that blends Wi-Fi and music. It acquires all the functionality of a Fonera and works with Spotify to deliver the easiest way to play your cloud music from your existing sound system.
Get the super modern juke box i.e. Gramofon- The device that is finally ready to be revealed to the world!
– On top of that, it is social and up to 20 people can connect via Facebook, and DJ in chorus.

– Connect your Gramofon to the sound system or speakers of your choice!

– Connect Gramofon with any Android or iOS phone to Gramofon’s Wi-Fi signal and Windows phone and desktop apps are ready to come.

– Connect Gramofon to the internet via Ethernet on your current Wi-Fi!

Enjoy the new world of cloud music!

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