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Google AdWords Editor 10.4

Pay Per Click

You might be aware of Google AdWords update that is being recently introduced to the Pay Per Click advertising! Everyone has been talking about its impact over the PPC and the management of advertisement campaigns. Last update was introduced on November 2013, which is followed by Editor Version 10.4 that was released on 7 April 11, 2014. Well whatever it is – good or bad, let us take look over that:

– Bidding strategies: Now you can edit the bids, apply new bidding strategies from shared library, and shift the items along with strategies to different account.

– Engagement advertisements: New rich media advertisements are initiated when you point them over the screen.

– Extra image dimensions: It will now support wider image sizes that means advertisements will be displayed more effectively by utilizing the available space. It is excellent for smart phones and tablets.

As Google keep on upgrading its strategies to surprise advertisers and the searchers over internet, it has announced that they will start upgrading their search and display network on 16th September, 2014 to ‘Search Network with Display Select’. So, just wait for the day to see what is there in the Google surprise box for you!

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