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Online Reputation Management Rx

Online Reputation Management-5

Many entrepreneurs and marketing executives fail to understand how poor and negative online reputation can damage their company’s sales and image too whether your enterprise is small or large.

Reputation Management Tactics!

Own Your SERP (Search Engine Results Page): Taking full control of your SERP by working to control as much of it as you can from top to bottom.

Be Social: Use your social media profiles! Some of them will have more benefit for you than others. This prevents others from hijacking your brand name.

Think Outside The Box:  Videos tend to rank well on Google and other Search Engines. Encourage your customers to show how they are using your product through YOUTUBE videos too.

Have an active PR strategy: Look for innovative ways your products can be used. Publicize partners you are working with.

Blogs:  Blogging is the fundamental way to get your brand on demand out there on the web. Buy a domain that includes the brand name, and then develop your blog with positive, informative and professional updates. Blogging attracts more traffic than static websites. Therefore, it helps your reputation!


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