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One More Whiskey, Neat!

Whiskey on the rocks

When people think of whiskey, countless different images come to mind. People tend to have a love-hate relationship with this particular form of alcohol, but if everyone knows all of the health benefits that it contains, plenty of people would likely to change their tune and ask the bartender for one more whiskey, neat! Whiskey is a distilled alcoholic beverage that is made of some type of grain mash.

However, alcohol is generally regarded as something bad for you, which could potentially damage your liver, affect your lifestyle, and result in a number of unsavory outcomes. When it is not respected and consumed in moderation that is completely true.
2-3 Ounces of whiskey everyday won’t be enough to get you drunk or negatively impact on your health. Whiskey is rich in ellagic acid, which is a powerful antioxidant, and is responsible for a great deal of the health benefits from whiskey! Take a Look!

Health Benefits:

Weight Loss

This delicious liquor has no fat and very little amount of sodium! It doesn’t contain calories and carbohydrates. Hence, instead pounding pints of beer at the bar have a few neat whiskeys instead to maintain your weight while still having a good time!

Heart Health

A number of studies have shown whiskey to be a major player in protecting heart health. A study has recently revealed that those who consume a moderate amount of whiskey on a regular basis have almost a 50% lower chance of experiencing a stroke or heart attack, which is exceptional news for those at risk of cardiovascular issues.

Blood Clots

Whiskey is a blood- thinner, so it is significantly lowers your chances of excess clotting!

Cancer Prevention

Cancer is one of the most devastating and globally relevant diseases known to man. However, whiskey has an extremely high level of ellagic acid, one of the most powerful antioxidant compounds that we can consume. Whiskey contains that powerful antioxidant that makes it a very effective preventative measure against cancer.

Diabetes Control

A moderate amount of whiskey can significantly improve your body’s ability to regulate insulin and glucose levels, thereby lowering the possibility of developing diabetes.

Consume Small To Moderate Amounts Of Whiskey For The Best, Healthiest Results.

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