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New Orange is the new Black Season 3 is out And Excitement is HIGH!


Litchfield prison is back for its third time in June. Yes! the ladies of Litchfield are back in a new trailer for Orange Is the New Blackwhich launches its third season on June 12. Well, let’s just say that the inmates can get creative with their uses of certain products.

“Orange is the New Black’s” newest series trailer is truly a sight to gaze upon, and it gives us a little taste of pretty much everything we’ve been missing ,underwear dancing, fully-clothed dancing, Crazy Eyes being Crazy Eyes and of-course Piper Chapman .

The trailer flashes back to the first two seasons, including Piper’s arrival at Litchfield, while also previewing what’s to come in season three, which premières on Netflix June 12.With fresh new inmates, returning favourites and new relationships to work out, we actually don’t know if we can wait for it to be aired in June.

Get ready for some more prison madness and see what’s in store for Piper Chapman this time!

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