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Miyamoto on Bringing Mario to IPhone


Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook welcomed Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo’s star video games designer, onstage to a deafening response, which grew louder on the news that a Super Mario game was on its way to the iPhone – the first time Nintendo’s most famous character will feature in a smartphone game. Offstage, Nintendo’s share price rose 13pc as investors rejoiced at the sign that after years, the Japanese company had embraced the smartphone world.


For a time Super Mario Run will be exclusive to Apple’s hardware. “We are planning to release it on Android phones in the future but for us iPhone and its operating system, iOS, are great to work on because it’s a very stable platform. And we found Nintendo and Apple share a lot of the same philosophies with a strong focus on an accessible interface, for instance. We meshed well with Apple.” Mr Miyamoto said that, despite the latest move, smartphones were not Nintendo’s only interest now. “I love hardware platforms and Nintendo will continue to make our own hardware but what’s changed is that there was a time when Nintendo’s platforms were the most popular in the world and now we see smartphones are the most popular device in the world. So we’ll keep looking for opportunities in smartphones and when we see them we’ll design something specifically for that hardware.”

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