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Mark Zuckerberg Funds $100M For Small Schools

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO has joined other celebrities in a massive $100M funding round in setup of new education, AltSchool that aims to disrupt American approach towards elementary and middle-school education.

At AltSchools, students are given latest tablets and personalized learning software, numerous courses to elect according to curiosity, high-qualifies teachers and curriculum based on real-world science problems. Apart from that, being a micro-school on steroids, they house between 50-100 students and have a staff-to-student ration of 1:8.

With all the amenities and best learning system, it has a big price tag which makes it very expensive approximately over $20K in tuition per student this year. Eventually, it s believed that rapid improvement in technology and pedagogy will reduce costs by increasing the student-teacher ratio. Moreover the technology makes teacher’s jobs more efficient and they will spend less time on mundane administrative tasks and indulge more in time education.

But at its core, AltSchool’s is a big bet for other schools with old fashioned education methods due to promising theory.

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