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Malaysia Airlines Cutting One-Third Staff as Restructuring Concludes…

Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines are at risks. Everyone is gossiping about this that Will Malaysia Airlines survive?

Though the company suffers its tough restructuring plan which includes the cutting approximately one third of their workforce in order to recover after two plane tragedies last year. The employee figures out to 6000 out of 20000. So most probably it will fluctuate between 8000 work force with them.

Key reforms included cutting unprofitable routes, putting new senior management in place, and slashing its workforce. The terminated employees got their termination letters or either a joining letter to new company. The airline was facing so much trouble from the last year by an avalanche of negative publicity after the mysterious disappearance of flight MH 370 and shooting down of MH 17. From that time, Malaysia airlines are floating in hot water with troubling their business in losses. The company is going through very hard times and since 2008, they are in losses, they hadn’t gone through any profits in this time period. They are facing a loss of $1.3 billion with billions of dollars from the government for restructuring plans and many more.

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