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Makeup Basics- Liquid Makeup or Powder?


When it comes to makeup, we always have one question- Creams or powders. This question is often puzzling. With so many products at our disposal, the real hunt for the right formulation or foundation, bronzer, eye shadow and blush is quite overwhelming.

The key to success is assessing your own make up goals then finding which kind of makeup is the most natural fit!

Ace the Base

Choosing the wrong foundation will make disaster in your fashion statement.

For Oily Skin- Powders are amazing! Go for it! Undoubtedly, powders look more natural because they provide less coverage and have less pigment.

For Dry Skin- Creams offer maximum hydration, so they are best suited for damn dry skin type. Creams can mimic the gloss of the skin’s natural radiance and leaving your skin fresh and quenched!

base application


Liquid- based bronzer has recently emerged. While they add an overall glow to the skin. Creams or liquid bronzers are more pigmented than powders but can be mixed with your foundation or moisturizer to add a nice overall color to the face.

 Highlight With Delicacy- Blush

Cream blushes are more pigmented and are awesome layered underneath a powder blush to add more passion.

make up 3

Play with Eye Shadow- Smokin’ Hot

Another way to define eyes while applying cream or liquid eye shadow, you can apply with brush or your fingertips on your eyes! For smoky eyes, cream eye shadow will be an awesome idea for a perfect evening!

 makeup basics


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