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Let your Arms be in Shape

toned arms

Want to stand out in the crowd with well-tones and shapely arms? There are few workouts that you can integrate in your daily routine and you won’t need to go to a gym. Here’s a quick sneak peak at arm workouts.

Plank to Push-up:

This is an advanced stage of basic push up. It includes two superb exercises –plank and push up which makes it all the more challenging.

Bar Dips:

This exercise includes raising yourself with arms straight and lowering your body until shoulders are lower than your elbows and then pulling yourself again by straightening your arms till the elbows are locked.

Dumbbell Kickbacks:

An ideal way to strengthen your triceps, this exercise assists the chest in every pushing movement. But be careful while doing the exercise in case you have lower back or elbows trouble.

Bicep Curls:

As the name says, a weight training exercise, it targets the biceps with curling motion. There are numerous variations that are supposed to be done like extended shoulder, flexed shoulder, drag curls, etc.

Pick one that suits you the best!

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