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Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return

Legends of Oz- Dorothy's Return

It’s time for Dorothy’s Return

Release Date: 9th May, 2014 (USA) and 23rd May, 2014 (UK)
Star Cast: Lea Michele, Kelsey Grammer, Dan Aykroyd
Director: Will Finn, Dan St. Pierre
Genres: 3D Animation, Musical
Based on: Dorothy of Oz by Roger Stanton Baum
In this latest chapter of the Legends of Oz, Dorothy returns to Kansas and finds it destroyed by a tornado, the same one that had fluffed up her return to Oz. She is sad that the town is devastated and people are leaving it when she was so excited to return back. However, just as she arrives, she magically reaches back to OZ and finds that it is in trouble. Now, on her way she finds a number of companions and adventures. Watch the movie to find out what happens next.

Dorothy's return

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