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Lean VS Fat: Study Reveals Who’s ‘Most Generous’


It shows that Fat people are more generous with their money than thin people, a new study suggests. A laboratory experiment considered to test bounty found that thin people were misery than those who carried more weight. German researchers calculated blood sugar levels during the search and initiate that lower levels made people more likely to be self-centered. While both thin and fat people are concerned by this, the effects on fatter people were less prominent. Researchers asked twenty fat people and twenty thin people to carry out games to imitate economic activities.


The researchers meaningfully pointed to a recent assess of other studies on low blood level, which found lower concentrations compare with a lower enthusiasm to spend money on anything not related to food. It said that blood glucose’s effects on decisions should be examined in detail, given the importance of financial decision-making in day-to-day life. Fatter people are more generous than thin people, according to a study

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