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Know about the service Over which Apple Is Working to Rival Google Now

ios-7 image

Over the years, it has been discussed that there are many operating systems upon which smart phones work. The latest headlines are that Apple is now working on a service to rival Google now. iOS was considered to be 5 years ahead of its time, and also it started to look dated, Apple restored the interface with iOS 7 with new notifications and more advanced features. Android has always been excellent at handling notifications while Apple had Siri as its personal assistant.

Apple has always wanted to stay away from Google as much as it can. It will also transform from Google Maps to their own mapping solution and even if they haven’t been successful, they seem to be trying again with a new feature. A report has revealed that Apple could be working on a similar feature to Google now called the Proactive initiative. The more information will be released on 8th June.

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