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Kimye to Sue YouTube Co-Founder Over Leaked Engagement Footage


When you talk about sharing, umm, over sharing the details of personal lives, Kardashian clan has always topped the charts and has been more than welcoming. But, there’s one thing that Kim Kardashian and her hubby dear Kanye West didn’t wish to go public, and that is their engagement video.

Kimye had sued Hurley (their invited guest at the event though) in 2013 and he appealed. Nevertheless, the couple has recently been given the nod to proceed by the California court stating high chances of them winning their case.

Of course, Kimye is taking a legal action against Hurley because he is simply trying to profit from their engagement, err, something they wanted to do on their own through their very own “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”

Our take? Well we say what you finally choose to do with your event pics is completely your take. Secretly filming a proposal and posting is online is downright uncool.

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