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Kieron Richardson Marries Carl Hyland With His Hollyoaks Castmates Dressing Up In Bridal Gowns

kieron-richardson-carl-hyland 2

Among the trail of bridesmaids were Kieran’s co-stars Jennifer Metcalfe and Gemma Merna, who chirpily posed for pics besides other ten in front of Buxton Dome in Devon alongside the happily married couple’s friends and family struggling hard to control their grins.


Stephanie Davis who is best pals with Kieran along with his co-star in Oaks, took to Instagram to revel and express how proud and happy she was for her pal. She quoted: “May be feeling terrible and throat so sore.. Nothing is gonna stop me from watching my best friend walk down the isle to his love.

“Wow what a special day xx”

Now that’s so sweet and lovely!

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