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Kangana Ranaut Will Not Do a Film With Shah Rukh Khan!


Kangana Ranaut is a force to reckon with at the box office. She is an actress who can pull crowds to the theatre all by her own without taking any help from any hero. She made powerful women-centric films a trend which everyone now wants to be part of. Queen‘s 100 crore collection is a proof in itself that she can make blockbusters too all by herself. Another 100 cr with Tanu Weds Manu Returns sealed the fact that her box office might is incomparable.


People have raved about her acting chops and she can take a film on her shoulders ably. For someone like that it isn’t needed to say yes to a project that doesn’t do justice to her talent. Well, it’s our loss that she won’t be seen opposite Shah Rukh Khan in a film because had they come together, it would have been one powerful film in terms of talent.

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