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6 Steps to Career Wreckage!

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Whether you work in a multinational firm or in a small-scale industry, you are bound to make mistakes. If you’re lucky enough, even the greatest of blunders and transgression is excused, but if your luck does not favour you, your misdemeanours may lead to the end of your career.

Here’s a list of a few blunders that can cost you your career:

– Think twice before hitting the ‘send’ button when angry. In case you are furious over some work issue, look before you send something to your manager.

– Do not moan constantly over a stern boss, it develops a negative attitude in everyone around you.

– Be nice to each and every colleague.

– Be punctual, and never cancel meetings or reschedule them repeatedly.

– If you’ve never thought of working a little extra after your office hours, do it today!

– Be willing to share the credit with others and be a good team player always.

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