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Jim Yong Kim Re-Appointed as World Bank President


Jim Yong Kim has been re-appointed for a second five-year term as World Bank president, beginning July 1, next year, the bank announced. “Humbled to have the honour of serving a second term as the head of this great institution. I would focus on building a more inclusive world free of poverty,” Kim said in a statement.


He said the starting point for his work when he joined the Bank in 2012 was the setting of two ambitious new goals for the institution: to end extreme poverty by 2030, and to promote shared prosperity by boosting the income growth of the bottom 40 per cent of the population in every developing country. In the meeting between Kim and the Board, Kim stated that his highest priority going forward is institutional stability and deeper staff engagement as he paid tribute to the high caliber of the bank’s dedicated and professional staff. Kim also pointed to this year’s IDA-18 replenishment and the need to ensure that they mobilise record funds for the poorest countries and with the support of donors, develop innovative new ways to leverage scarce development resources.

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