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J-Law’s on the loose!

Jennifer Lawrence

No one can ever get enough of Jennifer Lawrence, can we? Seems like J-Law has made it a point to never let her fans feel disappointed, because here are the three recent updates about the Hunger Games actress.


– We don’t think this news is surprising but well, ‘Mistique’ has been named as the sexiest woman in the world by the FHM magazine! Wasn’t that just obvious? She has no competition; no female diva can seem to get even a tad close to her hotness level. (Phew, we’re sweating!) According to the mag, her new chopped hair has let her slide up from her 20th position from last year to right at the top in 2014.

Jennifer Lawrence

– And there she reveals it all.
Jennifer Lawrence recalled getting drunk and then puking at Madonna’s Oscar after-party! Guess, her stomach can’t hold the alcohol and neither can her secrets. *wicked*

– The third highlight of the week is Mistique’s grand new trailer for the upcoming movie X-Men: Days of the future Past. Watch it here:


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