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Invest like Buffett How many times have you heard that one?

Warren Buffett

Fortunately, not only has Buffett been one of the most effective CEOs of the modern age, he’s also been one of the most transparent.

Not everyone has his billions, which allow the oracle of Omaha to snatch up deals unavailable to most of us. Nevertheless once again, his yearly missive to his shareholders shows how simple the key to success is. He is doing something right, and consistently.
Buffett recently released his annual shareholder letter for 2013. He wrote that he believes “a bet’ on ever-rising U.S prosperity to be very close to a sure thing.”

What is Warren Buffett’s secret, really?

Invest Well!

If you don’t have the time, patience, knowledge or the will to research individual assets, a simple cost-effective approach is to buy low-cost index funds.

Don’t pay attention to macroeconomics, market predictions or broad-based negative market sentiments.

Typically, think about “consistency” of results for a long period.

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