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…And the Job is Yours!

Interview wear for men

No matter what the job is for, or what is the scale of the company; you must always remember to dress up smartly and professionally to create a good ‘first impression’ in the mind of your boss.  Here are a few tips for the same:

– A blue, grey or black suit always works great! If you do not have one already, go buy one.

–  Always remember to choose the color of your shirt intelligently. A blue shirt, a crips white shirt or a simple plain pastel color shirt are the only ones you must wear under your suit.

– Always remember to wear a smart die. (Choose the conservative colors, No pinks please!)

–  Wear a belt or go for suspenders, but never put them both at the same time.

–  And the main think, wear the smartest and neat shoes with fresh matching socks.

There you go. All the best!

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