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In a War of 140 Characters, American Flying Icon Awards 1971 to Pakistan


American flying ace Chuck Yeager, who first broke the sound barrier, seems to have gotten the 1971 India-Pakistan war so wrong: He believes Pakistan won, because it remained a sovereign nation, India didn’t annex it. This claim came in a testy Twitter exchange with TV host and former editor Shekhar Gupta, who started out Wednesday night (India time) by teasing Yeager about his role helping the Pakistani Air Force in 1971.

Air power at Red Flag 10-4

Pakistan won, because India didn’t annex them? This is not how he saw it in 1986 when he wrote “Yeager: An autobiography”. He then said, having seen the war from up close as US adviser to the Pakistan Air Force, East Pakistan — now Bangladesh — fell in three days, and Pakistan stopped India from annexing that part by opening up the western front.Gupta started with this tweet: “Gen, @GenChuckYeager have you written abt your role with PAF in ‘71 war besides yr memoir. Was your parked plane shot up by IAF at Chaklala?” Yeager, a seemingly spry tweeter, shot back in minutes: “Asked & answered many x. Indian pilots shot themselves in the foot. That plane helped rescue downed Indian pilots.”

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