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Hummingbird – New Algorithm For your new SEO Strategies!

Google has made significant changes over the past couple of years in the way of ranking of websites. One of most recent algorithm incarnations is “hummingbird”. This algorithm was released in August 2013. With this, businesses have been encouraged to modify their web marketing strategies and SEO efforts to regain favor with Google to recuperate their previous search rankings.

What is Hummingbird?

It is named after the speed and accuracy of tiny bird and entirely a “new algorithm” approaches search engine queries in a brand new and intelligent way by utilizing new technologies combined with older features of existing algorithms.

Hummingbird Breaks Old Search Habits!

Usually, we type our questions into the search engines and algorithm chooses words from it and frequently sends us on a wild goose chase by bringing links that have those precise words rather than finding links that liberate the context of overall query.
In the real meaning, Google has trained an entire generation of search engine users to pose questions in short keyword phrases. Instead, we tried to guess where Goggle would take us and hope for the best. They taught us trial and error searching.

Hummingbird & Informative Content!

Original and useful content is essential. Hummingbird wants us to change our old thinking by bordering our aim to include content that is useful and informative. We should take good cares on things like:

– Useful & Informative Content is the king!

– Long tail keywords

– Increased entrance portals

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