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How to Dominate the Meetings


Becoming a leader is not so easy. You need to be smart, intelligent and above all, clever enough to control whatever is going in the board room. So, if you are also up with those boring, old meetings that don’t make any sense, then it’s time to take the leadership and try to make it interesting. Attention grabbing is a very good thing if it is done in a positive way and if you do it right, the rewards would be awesome. So here we go:

  • Have a strong opening and close - Be it an official meeting or a group discussion, if you will be the opener, the entire meeting discussion will revolve around you. Also, give a strong closing so that nobody forgets that you are the one who’s bold enough to put forth the opinions.


  • Listen - It’s better not to get over excited and talk like you don’t care what the topic is going on. Focus on just few strong points and don’t speak endlessly. It will irritate others. Also, give others chance too. Remember, you need to be a leader not a dictator.


  • Response inversely to others contributions: This could be a little mean but if you really want to stand out then don’t give much response to those who are trying to take over your position. Listen neutrally. For those who talk precisely and manage to control themselves, you can respond in more depth, both verbally and emotionally.


  • Nominal Group Technique: Well, the last and most important point is to work independently rather than in a group. This technique is a kind of creative conspiracy which really gives you an edge over others. Certainly, when you work alone, you will have ideas different from them and this is what that will make you stand out.

So, next time, when you go for a meeting, make sure you are all prepared with these ideas in mind.

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