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How to Care for your Skin from Dust and Sunlight this summer!


As summer is on its peak and we just need to care about our skin. While a small exposure to sunlight will leads to diverse effects on our skin which results in tanning, black dots on different parts of our body. There are some of the summer tips which actually care your skin and maintain your beauty all around the year. Some of them are:

  • Apply sunscreen regularly
  • Use Cleanser daily
  • Use Moisturizer according to appropriate SPF
  • Lip Glosses and Skin Lotions
  • Protecting your feet and hands
  • Healthy Diet

The sun light is directly approaching our skin in the summer season and the ultraviolet rays which get in contact with the sunlight can get diverse effects on our skin. There are various sunscreen lotions available in the market which will protect your skin. Secondly, using cleanser will lead to cleaning your skin daily and all the dust particles and tanning will be removed at once. At the end of the day you will feel much fresh and relaxed with this beauty treatment. Also, we should take care of all our body parts from getting exposed to the sunlight such as feet and hands. Taking proper healthy diet in summer season will also leads to a beautiful face and healthy skin.

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