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Homemade Tan Removal Face Pack


If you are one among those you like to avoid the chemically composed cosmetic products and think you can craft out something better naturally, then here are some DIY steps to help you in doing so –

What you will need:
– Ripe Mango
– Fullers Earth
– Milk cream
– Small bowl and a clean spoon


1) Take a ripe mango, cut it into slices and then mesh it to prepare a puree in a clean bowl.

2) Add a teaspoon full of fullers earth to the mango puree; blend them both until it turns to a smooth paste.

3) Add fresh milk cream and stir for the final blend. Put the paste in the refrigerator for a while.

4) Exfoliate your face skin with a mild scrub and pat dry. Apply the prepared paste on your face and other tanned areas.

5) Keep it on for 15 minutes and wash it off with Luke warm water. Pat dray and then moisturize your skin.



This face pack efficiently removes the epidermal suntan and completely removes the tan after regular use.

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