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Here’s How You Can Get Rid of Kidney Stones Without a Medical Procedure


Who would have thought that a roller coaster ride could help you with kidney stones. But it can. Turns out it is a fail-safe way to shift kidney stones, though it may require a few tries. According to a team at Michigan State University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine, roller coaster rides may prove very helpful to patients with kidney stones. Lead author David Wartinger, after years of hearing about this method of passing stones, decided to put it to the test. Eventually, he along with his team developed a model kidney from 3D-printed silicone filled with urine and three kidney stones of differing sizes.

kidney-stoneThey then hopped on Walt Disney World’s Big Thunder Mountain Railroad ride 20 times, holding the model where it would be on a person. By the end they concluded that roller coasters do indeed stimulate kidney stones to pass and the best bet is sitting at the back.

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