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Heartbleed Bug – Bleeding Your Authentication Information Out

heartbleed bug

From when the Heartbleed bug has gone public, everyone is getting busy in revealing the devices that can put their users into an extreme problem. As it has been reported from the professionals that the biggest threat of this bug is not to the user’s passwords of the user names, but is the access it provides to several personal keys that are often shared. If any person with bad intentions grabs the keys then he can use them to customize the certificates or pretext using those details on the same site. It has the potential like a gold mine for the series of phishing scams!

Now as the most of the leading technology and device manufacturer firms started worrying about the security of their user’s confidential data, Google also revealed that the previous Android version 4.1.1 that was released in 2012, is not immune to this bug!

Google published a blog in April 9, 2014 stating that all versions of Android are immune to Heart Bleed bug except the one with version 4.1.1. More than millions of people over the world are using this version and security analysts have declared it as a sign of massive security threats.

It is been predicted that others may also come up with such news for the group of users to warn them of certain issues and methods to secure their authentication data like Google has done by offering Digital certificates.


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