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Google Updating For Panda & Penguin Again Delays For Data Pushes


It was past when Google takes months to update the Panda and Penguins, but according to the Google analysts sometimes ago that it will be an ongoing process. But the recent updates tell us that the company flip flopped about this week. Likewise earlier, it will work on periodic basis again.

Google had given statements that its Panda and Penguin anti-spam fighting filters were running constantly. Now the statement got changed that there are still delays between data pushes.

The constant updating in the Google Penda & Penguin doesn’t result in disable spammers but it might help in enabling spammers. As if Google updates the algorithms at the regular basis within months then the spammers can quickly get register again and can utilize the facilities again but if there are some delays like earlier up to months in between to update the algorithms regarding searches on the web then the spammers need some more time to get registered again. In this way delays in the Google updates must be done periodically to avoid spammers.


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